ASIAN BUNKERS is a specialized professional bunker supplying arm of Haneen Shipping & Trading Pte Ltd., We strongly believe in long term relationship by putting forward the best mix of competitiveness, quality and service at every vessel we serve, while keeping in mind our customer is always right. Today, we have build-up our reputation as reliable and cost efficient bunker fuels and lubricants suppliers in the ports where we are active in Maldives, India and Sri Lanka. We are specialized in supplying:-



Our Bunker related services include:-

We keep every vessel we serve with on-time delivery of bunker needs with 24 hours services. Since the start of our business, we have been giving service, generally speaking all kind of vessels, including supply tankers, yachts and mega-yachts, cargo vessels, dredges, tug boats, fishing boats.

Apart from fuel and fuel related products, we have been giving the following services:-

  1. - Tank Truck delivery, case by case
  2. - Ex pipes deliveries
  3. - Fuel Analysis
  4. - Quality Control
  5. - Environmentally Bilges Control
  6. - Fuel Cleaning